Kenna and Cash

January 23, 2016

I highly recommend the services of Mica Dog Training and Nancy Liebhauser. I contacted Nancy after adopting my second lab, Cash. Cash was three-years-old, very active, and leash-reactive. In contrast, Kenna, my first dog, was anxious and timid in new situations. Combined, the two were tough to handle!

Nancy came to my home to provide private lessons, which focused on teaching me how to help the dogs with self-control and how to distract them when they hyper-focused on another dog or a visitor. After several sessions at home, I took Cash to a Mica Basic Good Manners and then a CGC prep class. The classes provided an opportunity for me to work with Cash around other people and dogs while in a controlled environment. Nancy provided helpful tips while in class, and took the time to follow up after class with additional recommendations. Most importantly, Nancy’s training and guidance helped me build confidence so that I could handle Cash in a public forum. Although he still requires attentive handling, he is calmer on walks and is a joy at home. Kenna and I attended the Mica Dog Sports Club, which helped build her confidence around strangers and new situations while we had fun (getting her to place her paws on a skateboard was cause for celebration!). I look forward to participating in K9 Games and other Mica activities on an ongoing basis – it is fun to work with the dogs to develop new skills. Thank you for a great year!

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