January 19, 2016

I contacted Nancy at Mica Dog Training after adopting Ike, a 2 year old Lab that had developed some unwanted habits during his long stay at the shelter – namely dog reactivity, self-control, and anxiety inside the home. We have worked in group training with Nancy before with our other dog Robin and were very pleased with the training, but with Ike’s dog reactivity I wanted to start off with individual training.

After the very first session I began to see positive changes in Ike’s habits inside the house. Every session we focused on a certain area of improvement and Nancy was very helpful in showing the required steps in the exercises before doing them myself. She showed great patience on some of the exercises it took Ike longer to figure out and would explain possible reasons why it was harder for him to grasp. It has been very rewarding to see Ike progress and develop with the help of Nancy during our individual training. I highly recommend the services from Nancy at Mica Dog Training for anyone with any and all training goals in mind for their dog.

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