January 23, 2016

Nancy Liebhauser was recommended to me by our Vet while on our first visit with our new Labradoodle puppy. Our boy Tucker was only nine weeks old at the time and although he had many positive attributes and transitioned into our home quite easily, I had an area of concern I needed help with. At certain points of rowdy playing he would express slight aggression at times. My family, including three children, had already fallen in love with him and we didn’t want our newest family member to have to leave. Nancy generously discussed my concerns over the telephone, came to our home and observed play time and Tucker’s “message”. She made several much needed suggestions on how to manage his energy, his down-time, feedings and so much more. The time she gave us went well past the hour I paid for which showed me her commitment to her craft. I followed her suggestions religiously and honestly never had one additional show of aggression from this dog. Nancy followed up with a thorough list of items discussed and suggested guidelines via email that evening so I could have a reference to follow. She also made multiple phone calls to see how we were progressing and offered additional support and advice. She is extremely generous with her time and has an obvious passion for working with the animals. Tucker is now 16 weeks old and we have had the privilege and pleasure to be participating in the Puppy Basics obedience classes that she teaches in Ashburn. We have only attended two classes so far but have learned many useful tips with obedience and grooming while making it fun for our pup. I would highly recommend her services to owners with dogs of all ages and am beyond grateful that we were led in her direction!

Sincerest Thanks,

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