Buster Brown

January 23, 2016

I have a mischievous hound dog named Buster Brown, and I really didn’t know how to begin training Buster to be a more polite dog. Nancy came to my house to meet Buster and within just a couple of minutes she made a keen observation. Buster needed to learn self control. Buster had been barking and bouncing around while I prepared his dog treats, and Nancy calmly and nicely asked me what I thought of his behavior. I told her I thought it was cute but also annoying.. She said if I didn’t mind the behavior that was fine, but if I wanted to change it we could. She showed me a few simple techniques to reinforce Buster’s good behavior rather than to scold him for bad behavior. Even though Buster looks big and tough, he’s a very sensitive dog and doesn’t respond well to scolding. The techniques Nancy showed me were effective, and I feel much better enthusiastically saying “YES!” to Buster rather than angrily telling him “NO!” After just a couple weeks, I could see a marked difference in Buster’s behavior. I plan on asking Nancy to come back to help me work with Buster from time to time, and I would recommend her to anyone else whose dog needs to learn some manners or has behavioral issues.

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