January 19, 2016

Nancy and Mica Dog Training are wonderful! We called Nancy because our goldendoodle, Beckett, was suffering from separation anxiety, had a lack of impulse control, and would refuse to get into the car. Nancy has been coming to our house once a week and Beckett’s behavior has continued to improve in so many ways. She used to roll over and make it difficult for my husband or me to pick her up when we tried to get Beckett to go into her crate or pen. Thanks to Nancy’s positive behavior modification training techniques, she now willingly goes into her pen when we tell her to. In preparation for a car ride, Beckett also now calmly lets us put her safety harness on her rather than engaging in a wrestling match and jumps into the car without hesitation. She is also much calmer now in general.

I also greatly appreciate that, not only has Nancy been kind and patient with Beckett, she has treated me that way as well when training me how to handle Beckett. I highly recommend her.

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