January 23, 2016

To my dog Alle there are two kinds of people – folks with whom she is very polite, and people she adores the minute she meets them. Nancy is at the top of Alle’s list of people she adores.

Alle is not a svelte, fast terrier – she’s a muscular, methodical Rottweiler. She loves exercising her brain during the activities in Dog Sports Club. In Dog Sports Club Alle is learning that she can ‘offer behaviors’ – try new things doing what comes naturally to her – and hear enthusiastic praise. Our goal is to have her be a happy worker in the obedience ring. I can teach her obedience exercises but Nancy can show Alle and me how to put ‘joie de vivre’ and confidence into our work.

It is Nancy’s keen skills in observing individual dogs and being able to select from among the techniques she has learned that makes Nancy so masterful at improving the behavior of a dog.

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