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Hello 2016!

I’m excited personally and professionally to usher in 2016!

Our 2015 has been mixed with sadness and blessings. We have much to be grateful for but we lost our sweet Kaylee in August after a long journey with degenerative myelopathy and our crazy Kira girl became mysteriously paralyzed in all limbs at the beginning of December. As we approach 2016 Kira is being to try to get up and we are hopeful she will walk again. In October, we had the good fortune to bring home our funny, mischievous, super smart and super agile Australian Shepherd puppy, Gambit. He is now 5 months old and brings us much joy. He is growing into a wonderful companion and training partner. And he’s a great reminder of what it’s like for my clients having a puppy to chase after!

I have a new web site in the works, which is always exciting! And I am beginning to specialize in tricks, exercise and conditioning for dog sports. I am very excited about this new path.

The Mica Dog Sports Club will enter its fourth year in 2016! I continue to enjoy teaching this class and I am happy to have had a few of my students for all 4 years! I will be coming up with new class ideas and look forward to trying them out. In 2015, we had a wide variety of classes including Tricks with Props, Platforms, Tricks and Exercises for Balance, Coordination and Strength, Nose Games, Agility Skills, Remote Reward, Rally Obedience, Focus Games, Recalls, Downs and Stays and Games.

Clover completed her Advanced Trick Dog Title in July and received her Canine Good Citizen certificate in September. Not bad for a mostly blind dog!

Gambit is learning several tricks and working on body awareness, toy play and basic obedience.

Roka’s been working on conditioning exercises and learning to love interacting with different fitness equipment. It is very exciting to see our very timid boy getting on equipment as soon as it is put down.

Kira is currently focusing on walking again and we are supporting her with rehabilitation exercises, mental stimulation and time in her cart.
In 2016, Clover will be pursuing her Cyber Rally and Expert Trick Dog Titles and possible an Urban Canine Good Citizen Certificate.
Gambit will begin agility classes and pursue Trick Dog Titles.

Roka will continue his conditioning and hopefully pursue a trick dog title.

I will be attending Clicker Expo, a Ken Ramirez seminar and continue online obedience training classes with the top instructors in the country. Additionally, I will continue with several Canine Fitness courses.

And I will continue to make sure my dogs get out for play and long walks with their dog friends.
What are your New Year’s resolutions for your dogs?

I have found that saying I will do something for 3 minutes often leads to much longer and is a great starting place. Fetch for 3 minutes is time well spent and 3 minutes of cavalettis go a long way.

Whatever you do, I hope you take some time to do something nice for yourself and also tell your dogs how important they are. Kira has reminded us that you never know what will happen and it’s important to find those 3 minutes at a time to go outside or snuggle on the couch.
Wishing you all a happy, healthy and fun New Year!
Happy Training!