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***Trick Star Genius Class begins Friday, July 15, 2016!***

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Does your dog already know several tricks and has the basics (sit, down, stay) covered? Are you looking for something fun to do on your schedule, at home, to continue challenging you and your dog while strengthening your relationship and improving your dog’s fitness?

Our Trick Star Genius class will have a different theme each month. We will provide a minimum of 3 lessons and various activities focused on the theme for you and your dog to work on during the month. You will have access to a Facebook group where the activities will be posted with instructions and suggestions for intermediate through advanced levels of each task. Participants will be able to ask questions and post videos for feedback.

Who can participate?
Anyone that has completed Trick Star 1, regularly attends Mica Dog Sports Club or has instructor approval

Begins July 15 – Stays
Begins August 15 – Targeting
Begins September 15 – Back Up

Class is self-paced and all participants can ask questions and submit videos.
1 month = $45
3 months = $120

Pre-requisites: Ideally dogs will be familiar with marker/reward based training but I will also provide information on it at the beginning of class. Dogs should also be familiar with hand targeting, sit and down.

Equipment Needed: Your dog, food or treats he will work for, clicker (optional, but recommended). We will use regular household items for props.
You will also need a Facebook account.

Method used: All activities will be taught using positive reinforcement and it is recommended you train with a hungry, food motivated dog.

About the Instructor: Nancy Liebhauser is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT). She has been training and teaching tricks to her own dogs and group classes for 4 years. Her visually impaired Golden Retriever, Clover, has her Advanced Trick Dog Title ( and her 6 month old Australian Shepherd, Gambit, just got his Novice Trick Dog Title ( Clover is currently working on her advanced burrito trick ( Nancy has witnessed firsthand the positive affects teaching “silly” tricks can make in a dog’s behavior. She’s passionate about helping others unleash the power of trick training with their own dogs.

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